Monday, October 1, 2012

Bow down to your robot overlord!

Bow down to your robot overlord! And check his oil while your down there! This is something many people around the globe could be hearing in the near future. Robots are moving into several different places of business these days, not just the assembly lines of old. Although the assembly line robots are still there and more efficient than ever. Your job may be in danger and you don't even know it!

I read a very interesting article the other day in the New York Times Business Day section that every person of working age should read. Basically the article talks about all of the people around the world that are and will be loosing their jobs to robots. That won't happen to me you say. Why do you think that? Because you have a union job and it's very secure. Think again! Union jobs are some of the first to disappear when the robots come to town! Not that I object to robots; quite the contrary I love robots! I just worry about what the loss of these middle class jobs will mean to America and the rest of the world. Will the middle class cease to exist in our life times? Probably not, they will just have to become more educated if they want to survive. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for us and our new robot coworkers. Below is a link to this very important article. Check it out, especially page 4.

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